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I literally wrote the book on the natural treatment for whiplash injuries and now, I am here to share these revolutionary, new treatments with you!

In my office I regularly see patients who suffer from chronic pain associated with an old automobile injury.  Many of these people never even received treatment for their injuries because they felt like they were "minor" or "not serious" injuries.  Now, they suffer chronic, unrelenting pain because they did not realize the damage that can be done, in even a mild automobile collision.  That is why I host this website.  Whiplash injuries are very treatable, and most patients respond very well to conservative, research based chiropractic care.  Not only that, but if you receive treatment for your injuries immediately after the accident your auto insurance covers your treatment 100% most of the time, regardless if it was your fault or not.  When you let time lapse between the accident and your treatment, you may have to pay, like many of the patients I mentioned above, thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to receive the care you NEED.


Warning Signs You May Have Suffered a Spinal Injury:
-Neck and/or Back Pain
-Stiffness in Joints
-Pain with Movement
-Upset Stomach
-Difficulty Sleeping

State of the Art Rehab Facility
At our office, we use state of the art technology to accurately determine the extent of your injuries.  We use the Myovision Flexvision Digital Inclinometry Scanning System to assess the range of motion in the spine, which is one of the key indicators for whiplash injuries.  We also use digital X-ray which allows us to accurately view injured joints, and look for instability in the joint complexes.  This technology is extremely important in the case that you are entitled to a legal settlement due to your injuries as it allows us to objectively document the degree of injury you suffered.

Therapeutic Massage to Help You Heal Faster
In addition to chiropractic treatments, we also have a nationally certified massage therapist, and a revolutionary Neurological and Spinal Rehabilitation Center in our clinic.  We have all aspects of the care you may need covered to manage your whiplash injury appropriately under one roof.  Please view the "Services" tab to learn more about the revolutionary treatments we are using to ensure our patients receive the best care available.


Treatments That We May Use in Our Office That are Covered By Your Auto Insurance in the Case of Injury:

-Chiropractic Adjustments
-Vibracussor Therapy-Percussive Massage Treatments
-Deep Tissue Massage-Via our Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
-Electrical Muscle Stimulation
-Intersegmental Traction
-Spinal Decompression Therapy
-Ultrasound Therapy
-Resistance Band Training
-Proprioceptive Balance Training
-ATM 2- Active Therapeutic Movement Rehabilitation

We Ensure Your Rights and Health are Protected
With a whiplash injury it is also important that you are able to receive further medical treatment and legal representation if appropriate.  I regularly work with many medical doctors right in our community ranging from neurologists to internists.  I can assure you that if necessary, we will get you to the appropriate medical doctor to co-manage your case.  I also work with attorneys throughout the twin cities area and will make sure that if your case warrants legal representation, you get it.

Most of all, we want you to know that at our office you will be well taken care of.  We care that you get the treatment you deserve and need.  Remember, don't ignore the warning signs after a car accident.  You can receive a FREE consultation with me to review your accident history and advise you of the next step.  Please register above to receive your free consultation, you won't regret it.  Or you can call our office at 763-398-7770 and mention this webpage to receive your free consultation!




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Back to Sleep

“I came in because of a sore knee. It was especially stiff and painful on waking. It interrupted my sleep, discouraged and depressed me on waking. I had to cut down on exercise, and even had to take the elevators instead of the stairs. Now, the PAIN HAS GONE AWAY! I sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed and able to walk normally. I’m using the stairs again and PLAYING TENNIS WITH ENJOYMENT!!”

Nancy M.

Playing Drums Again with NO PAIN

“My wrist was very sore and was in constant pain throughout the day. I’m a drummer so the ability to use my wrists without pain is very important. Playing gigs was difficult because I would be in so much pain. After being treated by Dr. Josh, my wrist is much better. I can play shows with little or no pain.

Graham P.

Better Balance

“My name is Carolyn Hampton, and I’ve been coming to Dr. Huffman for three months now, I think, and I came to him with shoulder and neck problems, and also really bad sinus problems, and my sinuses are cleared up completely. I’m a lot looser in my shoulders, my neck, and also my back. I have more balance thanks to Dr. Huffman.”

Carolyn H.


“I experienced sinus pain and pressure, and multiple sinus infections every year. I had sinus headaches almost every morning. I was grumpy, didn’t sleep well, and always felt run down. Since starting treatment with Dr. Huffman I haven’t had any sinus infections. Pain, sinus pressure, and headaches are mostly gone. It has been a total change in my health.”

Heather E.

A Very Gentle Approach

“I experienced lower back and shoulder pain off and on. It caused me to have less energy and slowed me down at times. Now I have more energy, pain in these areas is much more infrequent. Dr. Huffman’s approach is very gentle.”

Patricia T.

No More Knee BRACES

“My lower back and my two knees ached. I could turn my head (I thought) pretty good, back and forth. I had to wear a back (elastic) band and two knee (elastic) band things on both of my knees most days at work. My health now: Oh Boy! Great!! I have not worn my knee things for a couple of weeks, and I can turn my head way easier!!”

Candace P.


“I had back and neck pain since I was 12 years old. In gymnastics I injured my neck and I was living with the pain for the past 14 years. About two years ago I started to get migraines, and that’s when I knew I needed help. At home and at work I would get a pinching, sharp pain in my neck and back. This caused me to be more stressed and at times more irritable. Since I started receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Huffman MY HEADACHES HAVE COMPLETELY STOPPED!! I don’t have the neck and back pain either. My life has been less stressful and I know I am more pleasant to be around. Thank you for everything. I am very grateful!”

Kara B.

Sleeping and Breathing Better

“My nose was stuffed up and I had trouble breathing (especially at night). I can breathe better during the day, and I sleep through the night. Plus Dr. Josh helped my back so I can play sports better!”

-Jack T., 8 years old

Allergies and Asthma HELPED, and FREE OF MEDICINE

“Before, I constantly had cold, allergy, and asthma symptoms (postnasal drip, coughing spells at night, and red watery eyes). I took several prescribed medicines with little to no results. After seeing Dr. Huffman my symptoms have greatly reduced, and I have been able to stop taking all of my meds! I sleep a lot better at night!!”

Andrew G

Neuropathy Relief and I'm Feeling the Best I've Ever Felt!

"I decided to try this Neuropathy Program offered by Dr. Josh because I walk three miles a day and in the winter I was in constant fear of freezing a toe or my feet because I could not feel them.

I know this condition was steadily going downhill. Example: I had to go to the Doctor when I severely burned the bottom of one of my toes when I steeped on a hot coal and didn’t even know it.

Once I began the program, I was placed on a new diet. I regained so much energy, lost twenty pounds, lowered my blood pressure and most importantly I have 75% of feeling back in my feet.

I feel it is advantageous to have adjustments more frequently, which is also part of the program. I would strongly recommend this program for anyone with Neuropathy.

In terms of my overall health, this is the best I have ever felt."

Bob T.

Suffered from Hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, and IBS for Years. Now I Have My Life Back!

Prior to starting this program with Dr. Huffman, I had problems with chronic fatigue, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, brain fog, memory problems, sleep problems and general pain for quite a few years. Medical doctors had diagnosed me with hypo-thyroid condition about fourteen ago and was given a prescription for synthroid medication.

I had seen a few different medical doctors complaining that I still did not feel well and that something else was wrong, the usual laboratory test were done by these doctors. I had even gone through the Mayo Clinic in Rochester about ten years ago, seeing different doctors over a three day period, but all their tests did not find any other problem.

I felt the medical doctors labeled me as a hypochondriac because of my chronic fatigue problem, so I stopped complaining to the medical community and decided to read books and try to diagnose and treat myself.

I tried different supplements and diets over the years but my problems persisted and gradually seemed to be getting worse.

Fortunately, I saw Dr. Huffman’s advertisement in the newspaper for people diagnosed with thyroid disorder that are still experiencing fatigue.

I called and attended one of Dr. Huffman’s seminars on thyroid disorders and it didn’t take long to realize I had possibly found help for my chronic fatigue problem along with the other symptoms I was experiencing.

I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and I’ve been on a nutritional and dietary program prescribed by Dr. Huffman for me based on my needs. I’ve also been receiving neurological treatment with Dr. Huffman and have had a GREAT improvement in how I feel and think. I’m finally getting my life back.

I am so grateful to Dr. Huffman and staff for all the wonderful help and support they have all given."

Mary H.

I HAD Migraines for 40 YEARS!

“I am 80 Years old and have had severe migraines 2-3 times per week for the last 40 years of my life. Those years were miserable and full of pain. I didn’t want to go anywhere, make plans, go to family gatherings or trips, because the migraines made me so sick. I also had many side effects from the pills I had to take. I had little relief. The doctors tried everything, but there was nothing they could do for me. Since the last week of December when I started to get adjusted 2x per week, I have had only one migraine on the 3rd week. Other than that I have been totally migraine free!! Now I only have an occasional mild headache. It’s truly a miracle!! I wish I had met Dr. Huffman years ago. I tell everybody what he has done for me!”

Elfriede T.